Kids Safe Workshop

Our Kid Safe Workshop is a Self-Defense, Safety, and Awareness Program for children. We understand that for your child to be truly Kid Safe that they must understand and use two types of self-defense. Physical, which will give them the tools needed to keep them safe. These tools range from striking techniques to body positioning, and even when and how to run. Then there is mental self-defense, which empowers them with the awareness and common sense to keep them safe.

We teach children that there are different levels of safety, and those levels depend on the situation we are in and the decisions we make in those situations. We use safety lights, such as traffic lights, to explain the different levels. Green Safety Light means we are safe and everything is normal, Yellow Safety Light means that our intuition, instincts, and our gut feeling are telling us something is wrong, and Red Safety Light means we are in immediate danger and have to act fast.  We discuss situations such as someone knocking on the door, answering the phone, being home alone, getting lost, Internet Safety, safety zones and touches, and stranger awareness.

Once the child has made the decision to defend themselves, it’s time to back away and sound their alarms. Sounding Out when approached by a stranger is a strong tool. Yelling “BACK OFF!” or “STANGER, STRANGER – YOU ARE NOT MY PARENT”, will draw attention to the situation and psychologically this will deter the abductor from fear of being found out.

Our Physical techniques consist of Kicks, Knee Strikes, Palm Heel Strikes, Finger Strikes, Elbow Strikes, Biting, Scratching, etc. to soft tissue areas and discuss how these can be effective for self-defense. When grabbed, Dropping Their Weight and Turtle Up is used to stop their forward motion and to also give them an opportunity to attack with their strikes. Also, latching onto objects and holding firmly as they sound out.

Stranger Facts:

  • Strangers should not ask kids for help.
  • Strangers should not ask kids for directions.
  • Strangers should never give us presents. Nor should presents be kept a secret from your parents
  • Strangers should never show us anything.
  •  Strangers may know us or our family members. That does not make them any less a stranger to us.
  • We should never, ever go anywhere with a stranger.
  • No One should ever ask us to be alone with them.
  • Our body is ours! NO ONE should ever touch us in a manner that makes us feel uncomfortable. NO ONE should touch you where your swimsuit would be.
  • Never give out your name, address, or phone number to anyone on the Internet.
  • Never let the feelings of others come between you and your safety. It is OK if we hurt someone’s feelings if our instincts tell us we are in danger. It is OK to not talk to a person, if we feel uncomfortable or scared, turn and run. If in Doubt – Get Out!