Children’s Bully Proof Workshop

Hyper Bully Defense

We have teamed with HyperBully Defense to give children the confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge needed to defend themselves against bullies. We cover techniques that will improve body posture and voice tone so that your son or daughter is less likely to be bullied. We will talk about respect and courtesy and help instill the belief system that ‘I am valuable and worth protecting’. When those beliefs are instilled in children two things occur; they will realize the value of respect and courtesy, and will be less likely to bully others.

Bullying Quick Tips:

  •  No one has the right to hit or harm you in any way. Protect your body and spirit – Live Your Life!
  • Bullies want a reaction out of you – try and hide your feelings by distracting yourself as you get away from the bully’s verbal attacks. Try counting backwards from 100 or spell the word ‘turtle’ backwards to keep your mind occupied.
  • Your tone of voice is a powerful defensive technique, when used correctly. Be ASSERTIVE when dealing with a bully. Look them in the eye when talking to them.
  • Respond to the bully by telling them to stop with good body posture. Stand tall, shoulders up, and head high, and be confident.
  • Go Tell an Adult! This is not tattling –bullying is wrong. Teachers, principals, parents, and lunchroom helpers at school can all help to stop bullying.
  • If physically attacked, defend yourself.
  • Talk to your parents. The words that bullies say that make you angry or upset are your weakness. Write these words down and share them with your parents and talk about it.