Team Impact is an elite group of Impact Martial Arts that has set both team and personal goals towards becoming the best Martial Arts Athlete in the world! 

A martial arts athlete is fast, powerful and ready to compete in any arena. They can win in the ring and in life. Their character training helps them make positive achievements in school, home, work and with friends.Their self-defense techniques are sharp and they are ready to protect themselves and their family at anytime. They posses the character skills of great leaders and use their powers to help inspire the people around them. The martial arts lifestyle is rewarding. The training, events, character inspiration, teamwork and coaches create an atmosphere for winners in the game of life.

 Our Goal
TRAIN: Dedicate time to work out and improve your martial arts techniques. Every time you train, you give it your best and you improve yourself. 

ACHIEVE: When you train and give your best, you will achieve new accomplishments. You might land a new kick, a new combination, win a competition or get a new belt but you are constantly achieving new goals no matter how big or small. 

INFLUENCE: As you get better and have more achievements, use your ability to influence and inspire others to be better. Use your talents to motivate others. 

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

Tom Williams Collision Center
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Sponsor Team Impact!

Team Impact is not a funded sports team such as a school Football or Cheerleading team. We look for sponsorships to help fund our equipment (uniforms, training gear, etc.), training opportunities, community demonstrations, community service, and tournament expenses. We are greatly appreciative of our sponsors and will display our sponsors through our events. Check out our past Team Impact events below!

To become a sponsor contact Mr. Sean Gilham at 205-664-4422 or email

Community Service

Team Impact has visited the Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center multiple times over the past years cleaning and assisting in projects.

Team Impact has visited the Pelham Fire Department and cleaned firetrucks, experienced how to properly fold the Flag of The United States, and learned great safety tips from the heroic Firefighters.

Team Training Opportunities

Team Impact not only trains hard in the gym, we seek out to train with the best Martial Artists and Instructors in the World! Through training opportunities, Team Impact is able to learn how to become an all around dynamic competitor and leader. We have traveled all over the United States to train with the best.

Team Impact has training with Karate World Champions; Mr. Kalman Csoka, Mr. Jackson Rudolph, Mr. Reid Presley, Miss Mackensi Emory, Mr. Cole Presley, Mr. Austin Crain. Tricking coach and creator of Cinematic Martial Arts Curriculum and True Kick Terminology, Dan “The Professor" Perez. Also, members have trained with the USA Olympic Taekwondo coaches and Olympic Medalists; Mr. Juan Moreno, Mr. Terrence Jennings, and Miss. Paige McPherson.

Team Tournament Tournaments and Competitions

Team Impact travels all over the United States to compete at the highest levels of competition. Team Impact member’s yearly goal is to compete in at least 6 tournaments throughout the year. We have members that compete in both Sport Karate Tournaments and USA Olympic Taekwondo Tournaments; including one of the largest Sport Karate Tournaments in the United States; The Battle of Atlanta and the largest Olympic Taekwondo tournament in United States; Taekwondo National Championships.

In the 2016-2017 Season, Team Impact has produced Two National Champions, Two National Championship Finalists, and multiple tournament success in Competition Forms, Weapons, and Sparring. We stride to continue our success in tournaments which helps members develop their complete abilities, accelerate their learning, gain self-confidence, and create friendships.

Team Demonstrations

Team Impact participates in demonstrations around the community. These demonstrations not only give the team members the opportunity to display their skills, but allows us to reach out to the community and share our passion of Martial Arts.

Team Impact at Amstar movie theater in Alabaster performing demonstration