Karen Mitchell’s
Impact Martial Arts

At Karen Mitchell’s Impact Martial Arts the focus is on your personal goals for Fitness, Self-Defense, and Fun! We strive to provide the best in martial arts instruction. We offer martial arts training for children, teens, and adults in a safe, fun, yet challenging environment.

Our motto, “IMPACTING OUR COMMUNITY ONE BLACK BELT AT A TIME" is reflected in our programs. We endeavor to increase in each student self-confidence, responsibility, and the qualities of a leader.

You will find our staff knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and well trained keeping everyone involved, challenged and excited about martial arts. Our curriculum provides a path for goal achievement and rank advancement. Students begin classes with varying levels of physical conditioning. We take into consideration each students natural abilities and work from there. The student may not know how to perform the simplest block or kick but within a short time will find themselves doing more complex moves such as jump and spin kicks with ease.

Classes are affordable and structured to allow families to train together while helping all students get the most out of each class. As students advance in rank, they move into more challenging classes where new goals are set.

Students may train every day! We offer classes six days a week with day, afternoon and evening sessions allowing flexibility for busy schedules, homeschoolers and work hours. There are many opportunities for open mat practice and one on one coaching.

WE ARE YOUR DESTINATION for TAEKWONDO, KARATE, KICKBOXING, KALI, FITNESS, and SELF-DEFENSE. We hope you will join us in making MARTIAL ARTS part of your self-defense and fitness plan.